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Master web design principles and build a portfolio-ready landing page in Figma from start to finish.

See behind the scenes of real client projects for companies like these

course overview

level up your web design skills

Whether you are a seasoned designer, totally new to the industry, or wanting to make a career switch — if you’re wanting to level up your web design skills, this course is for you.

In this hands-on course, you will learn everything you need to know to design at the professional level by mastering the principles of typography, color and layout. You'll put industry practices into place as you gather and curate inspiration, establish a style, and design a cohesive web experience on your very own landing page project.

at the end of four weeks, you will have:

• Several portfolio pieces to share

• A fully designed landing page with desktop and mobile screens

• All the knowledge you need to design websites at a professional level.

web design

See behind the scenes of real client projects for companies like these

+ build a
landing page

from start
to finish.

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who is this course for?

graphic designers

Wanting to make the jump from Graphic Design to Web Design but aren’t sure where to start? In this course, you'll learn all the foundational skills you need to be a successful web designer and maybe even land your first web design job. You’ll be able to add several pieces to your portfolio along the way, finishing the course with a full landing page design in both mobile and desktop screen sizes.

ux/ui designers

Already have a solid understanding of UX but want to flex your UI design skills outside the bounds of product design? This course will build upon your interface design knowledge and equip you with the skills you need to start designing your own websites.

web developers

Want to add web design skills to your arsenal? Learn how agencies plan and design websites from start to finish. You'll complete the course with a portfolio-ready landing page to share with the world.

An iPhone 14 on a table with light rays casting over the screen and table. A design for a website called Lob is displayed on the screen. The heading at the top of the website says "Connecting the world, one mailbox at a time."

What's Included

Everything you need to take your web design to the next level

4 video lessons

Go through each video lesson at your own pace.

7 design exercises

Get straight into Figma with assets ready to use.

live office hours

Direct access to the instructor

lifetime access

Pay once, access your content forever.

Course Curriculum

A fictional design for a website called Design & Build. The background of the site is forest green and features modern architecture.

module 01

typography & color

In this lesson, we’ll get into the ins and outs of the most foundational elements of web design — typography. We'll also learn how to build a color palette specifically for web.

A fictional ad spot design for a company called Easy A where one can learn about Web3 and earn money by completing quizzes.

module 02


Learn how to arrange information on a page in a way that is visually balanced, built for the web, and is easy for viewers to consume. You will create and use a 12-column grid, design around real content, use tried-and-true components, and arrange content in a way that is easy to navigate.

A design for a mobile website called Mixer.

module 03

Finding Inspiration & Establishing a Style

In this lesson, we will find, gather, and curate inspiration we’ll be able to use for our landing page. We'll share some of our favorite resources, along with some unexpected ways to ignite new ideas.

Web design for a site called Apt Vest. The heading on the page says "Real estate investing. Real world impact."

Module 04


In our final lesson, you will use all of your new knowledge and skills to build your very own portfolio-ready landing page. At the end of this lesson, you will have a desktop and mobile version of your landing page to share with the world, along with practical skills you can use to start designing more of your own websites.

the highlights

what you'll get out of this course

gain a solid understanding of web design principles

We’ll start with everything you need to know to get started in web design, from selecting typefaces and establishing hierarchy, creating color palettes for the web, and using grids to create responsive layouts.

learn industry techniques used by world-class agencies

We’ll cover methods used by some of the best web design agencies to help you ideate and create cohesive concepts for the web, including hero exploration, working collaboratively with other designers in Figma, and moving quickly from concept to pixel-perfect design.

see behind the scenes of real client projects

We’ll be breaking down the design process on real client projects, created by some of the best in the industry. See the full process from start to finish on five- and six-figure, award-winning projects.

get feedback on your work, meet others and dig deeper during live office hours

Share your work and meet others in your cohort during weekly office hours. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other designers and ask more hard-hitting questions in a relaxed, open environment on Fridays at 12:00 EST.

A portrait of Benten Woodring looking to the right with hope in his eyes.

Hosting this course

Meet your instructor

Benten Woodring

For over ten years, I’ve built and led cross-disciplinary teams with my own studio, working for world-class agencies, and creating identities and websites for household name brands and startups. I've done work for the likes of Spotify, Peacock, Salesforce, Chipotle and Indeed, among others. My work has been featured by Fast Company, Webflow and more. When I'm not drawing rectangles, I like to spend time on my bike and hiking in the mountains with my family.

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What people are saying

Benten has been crushing it lately. I find myself saving so many of his designs for inspo. This is gonna be 🔥

Founder, Dive + Figma Academy

I would take this course. Benten is a stellar web designer.

Rogie King
Designer Advocate at Figma

Benten's knowledge and skills in web design is world-class. I've been a designer for 18+ years, and I'm learning new things with his course.

Phil Goodwin
Phil Goodwin
Creative Director of Product, Unfold

Benten has such a rare gift of self-analysis and commitment to refine everything he does. He has trained himself to become an expert and started multiplying his expertise to others. Many people can improve their own lives, but Benten has shown awesome potential in improving others’.

Shelby Matthew
Shelby Mathews
VP, Creative at Native Digital

Benten is so extremely talented and well-versed in all things UX/UI Design and is great at explaining things to me that I don’t always understand.

Bailey Callow
Bailey Callow
Project Manager at Propaganda3

benten's design work, attention to detail, speed and vibe are one-of-a kind.

Nick Pattison
Founder + Creative Director, Primary Studio



Who is this course for?

Curious about the web design process? In this course, we’ll cover UI/UX principles and how they apply to world of marketing websites. You’ll finish the course with a better understanding of the process and how you can better prepare for your next web design project.

Do I need any experience to take this course?

No, you do not need any prior experience to take this course. However, a basic understanding of design principles and some familiarity with Figma would be helpful. The course is designed to be accessible to anyone who is interested in the topic, regardless of their prior experience.

What tools and frameworks will be covered in the course?

We will be using Figma as our tool of choice for this course, but students are welcome to use Sketch or any other design tool. Note that all assignments and files will be provided as Figma files.

What will I be able to do after completing this course?

This course will teach you the foundations of web design. After completing this course, you will be able to create a fully designed landing page. You'll have a strong grasp of typography, color, layout, finding inspiration, and establishing a style for web design projects. You will have several portfolio pieces to share, and will have all the knowledge you need to start designing your own websites.

Do you offer refunds?

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

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A screenshot from the course viewed from an angle. It features a real estate landing page design in Figma.